Penn Athletic Soft Support

What does athletic soft support mean at an ivy, Penn specifically? How much better of a chance does it really give you? I had to ED for soft support.

Only the coach can answer this question…had you asked what proportion of student athletes they have previously given soft support to are ultimately accepted? If not, I wouldn’t ask that now. Did you have an academic pre-read? Are you applying for financial aid?

Good luck.

I do not know how it works at Penn, but . . . . you might be interested in looking at this from Penn’s Student Records System: [SRS Admissions table elements]

At that website, you will find what is described as the “SRS UNDERGRAD ADMISSIONS Table - Data Element Index.” Since your question is about athletic “soft support,” look in the Table at Athletic_Rating, which says: “The student’s athletic rating established by intercollegiate athletics and undergraduate admissions. Non-athletes will have a rating of NULL. A rating greater than ‘2’ indicates that the students is considered a recruited athlete. Values: NULL; 1-6.”

My best guess (again, I don’t know), is that soft support means either a 1 or 2, “non-recruited athlete” rating. The unknown is whether these Athletic Rating points are funneled directly into the 1-9 Non-Academic_Rating. Since 18 is the highest combined Academic + Non-Academic Rating, picking up 1 or 2 extra Non-Academic points could be very valuable, if that is how it works. For comparison, look at the Alumni Affiliation values: 1 Grad/Prof Alum; 2 Undergrad Alum; 3 Alum of both. If “soft support” is worth as much as having a Parent who graduated from Penn, that is pretty valuable in ED.

Most of what I wrote above is speculation, but my suggestion is that “soft support” may have a significant impact.


Thanks for the reply!! I never went through a preread, but the coach has all my academic information, transcript, and scores. He told me he had 8 spots for his “preferred walk on list,” and about 3-4 students get in. When I submitted my application, he told me he let admissions know I was on his list.

Thank you! I’ll also definitely check that out.