Penn CAS 2025 Applicant

I’m a Mongolian female from the Bay Area applying to College of Arts and Sciences at Penn. I EDed and have soft support for rowing (preferred walk on list).
What are my chances of getting in? Here are my stats.

3.97 UW gpa
SAT: 1420 (low, i know)
8 AP/Honors
8+ Highschool/teacher academic awards
US Rowing Scholastic Honor Roll Recipient

Rowing (coxswain/team captain) - 5 years

Girl Scours (Completed Bronze and Silver awards, currently working on Gold award) - 12 years

Furry Friends (I bring my dog to a senior home every week) - 6 years

Sophomore/junior year summer: dental internship - 8 hours/week

Senior year summer: orthodontist internship - 38 hours/week

To be honest, your SAT is much lower than the average, but you never know since the application will be reviewed ed differently this year. Good luck!