Penn Financial Aid

<p>I was offered a financial aid package from Penn with a $8,500 family contribution and a $2,500 student contribution from summer earnings. A few days ago I filled out the FAFSA and it projected my EFC to be about $6,500. I assumed that the school EFC would be less than the Feds, but now I'm a bit confused. Will Penn update my packaged using the FAFSA data? Should I try to get an appeal? Anyone else please share your situation.</p>

<p>Penn uses the CSS Profile for determining institutional aid. Because it's more in depth than the FAFSA, it gives them a better picture of your family finances. FAFSA is primarily for federal (and sometimes also state) aid. In other words, they probably won't change your expected contribution, but they will review all your forms this spring for a finalized package.</p>