Penn/Harvard/Cornell/Princeton/USC Chances

The rest are regular.</p>

<p>SAT1 single: 800v 780m. Composite: 800v 800m.
SAT IIs: 800 Math IIC, 800 BioM, 720 writing (retaking), physics in novem.
PSAT: 227, Nat'l Merit
AP Grades, not classes: All fives in Bio, French and BC/AB.</p>

<p>School does not rank but I'm near the very top for sure.</p>

<p>Int'l, English not first language. Asian.
Senior classes: 4 APs, plus Calc III, comp sci, lifting</p>

Varsity XC 11-12. Mid Penn Champions.
Varsity Vbal 10-12.
Track 9-11.
(Sports take up a lot of my time)
President of Physics Club.
Math captain, also one of the highest scorers of school in competitions.
Mu Alpha Theta, Quiz Bowl, a bunch of clubs.
governor school for sciences at CMU. (which was pretty much my entire summer, courses there included: Special relativity, organic chem, biochem, number theory, comp sci, microgravity and its effects, astrophysics, physics lab, and physics mag-lev train project where we did build working trains)</p>

<p>And I don't see how I can fit, or want to fit, anything more into my schedule, considering I do have a life and want time to hang out and have fun.</p>

<p>I do have legacy at Cornell. My greatgrandgfather went there, and yes it does count in their app.</p>

<p>damn! you have an amazing chance....only question: are you applying for aid?....(as an intl) that seems like the only thing that could weigh you down (other than being asian of course).....good luck, but you have a VERY good chance (consideringing the process is as random as it is, dont EXPECT to get in everywhere, but can be confident)</p>

<p>Those are really great stats. I would say you have a good chance - much better then the acceptance rate at any of the schools you apply to. Any of the ultra competitive schools is always kind of a toss up, but your odds are good. Cornell definitely seems like a match/safety for you. </p>

<p>I was kind of surprised to see USC on your list; it is a lot different than the other schools you are applying to. Any specific reason for USC?</p>

<p>you'll get into cornell, usc, penn no prob.
harvard and princeton.. those are always iffy. you have just as good a shot as anyone else. don't count on anything from them though. the number of applicants vs the number accepted is so high that admissions to these schools just defy logic and explanation, if you know what i mean. a lot of nit-picky things, like geographic region, particular personality traits.. etc. stuff you cant really do much about (in other words, luck) xD</p>

<p>btw USC is a definite safety for you</p>

<p>Thanks for the responses guys. Well, the things is. I'm applying for the trustee scholarship at USC, which is full-tuition. If I get that then USC would look even better to me. My real safties are in my country of citizenship, Canada: Queen's, UT and McGill.</p>

<p>I plan on either majoring in biomedical studies (then premed afterwards) or business. Not 100% sure though.</p>