Penn Hierarchy

<p>Is it true that wharton people look down on college people, and college people look down on enigineering peeps??</p>

<p>I'm guessing that that's true to some extent, and I base it on my campus visit. There were some hand-lettered signs around made by students from the College w/ witticisms/criticisms of Wharton students.
It's probably a good-natured rivalry.
Still, I'm thinking "inferiority complex."
Were I applying to the College, and not Wharton, it might be something I'd be concerned about.</p>

<p>Wharton people take abuse from the college people. Seems that the college folks consider the Wharton folks to be extra geeky for going to Wharton in Ugrad instead of waiting til grad school to go (MBA). The girl at the Philadelphia students' info session (she was a Wharton student) said the college kids "boo" her whenever she announces that she's from Wharton in a public forum. Not sure why anyone in the college would feel inferior to Wharton since it's not like an honors college...just a certain school within the university for a particular field of study. Many, if not most, of the kids in the college could have gone to Wharton Ugrad, but chose not to becuause it wasn't of interest to them. Once you're in, Wharton can be very time consuming and disciplined. Lots of kids at Penn for Ugrad aren't interested in that kind of control over their college freedom (after all, that's why they're at Penn and not Harvard, etc). I work for a firm that recruits from this is what I've been told by the graduates. From what I've seen, the kids coming out of Wharton are no smarter than the kids in the college. But, they are more openly competitive and definitely seem more arrogant. I know kids applying to both Wharton and the college. Guess what, the Wharton applicants have the lower stats.....but they all seem to be able to state exactly what they're going to do when they grow up - a conversation that always comes back to how much money they intend to make. The college applicants I know are much more philosphical and down to earth. These applicants may not be representative of the schools to which they are applying, but it's been my observation.</p>

<p>There's nothing wrong with having some foresight into one's future career as early as high school (or even before). </p>

<p>And not all Wharton grads/applicants are motivated by money...
$10 says you've got a kid in The College :P</p>