Penn Linens

<p>I am an incoming freshman in the middle of college shopping. Has anyone here have any experience with the linens bought through Penn? It seems so easy and lazy to just get a whole package like that... but then I feel like it has to be low quality. Remarks? hahah</p>

<p>I bought my son the sheet sets only. They had a better selection than most stores I've visited in Twin XL. I also upgraded to 300 thread count. The quality seems OK and it was definitely very easy. The rest of the stuff can probably be purchased at Target for less money. The selection and quality on towels and such are probably also better at big box retailers.</p>

<p>Go to Pratesi--your kid will thank you for it, and they can be part of his/her wedding trouseau later on.</p>

<p>Pratesi</a> Luxury Home Linens.* The world's most luxurious bed and bath linens.</p>

<p>And they have a sale website; so, instead of 1500-2k for each sheet, you might get lucky and find sheets for 50% of that. A guaranteed dreamy night of sleep. ZZZZzzzzzz.</p>

<p>(And, if they don't carry Twin XL, they would be more than happy to custom make.)</p>

<p>"Oh look, honey, my trouseau even comes with Twin XL sheets. We can use them on our bunk bed in our new home together."</p>

<p>I got the big package from Penn last year and I haven't found a problem. I love my sheets and comforter. The towels aren't very good at all, but I've found that having a spare towel handy has been very helpful whenever guests come around. I don't see the linens as low quality whatsoever. Plus you will pick it up on campus in a big box when you first arrive. Can't say anything about prices (I have Mom and Dad to thank for that), but I am very pleased with them.</p>


<p>Ya mean not everyone slept in twin beds as newlyweds??</p>

<p>thanks everyone, im gonna buy them from penn now</p>