Penn Majors!!!

<p>After graduating from college I plan on going to medical school, I plan on either majoring in biochemistry, biophysics, or molecular biology (defenitely not premed) or double majoring in 2 of the 3. Which is best for medical school preparation? If the University of Pennsylvania offers this as a major how does its program compare to other schools? I'm open to all opinions.</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure penn doesn't have a pre-med major, but I very well could be wrong</p>

<p>No school has a Pre-Med major to my knowledge. Schools have Pre-Med programs which is basically just a list of courses you take and you have a mentor.</p>

<p>if i get into huntsman....ill have a dual-degree in Russian Studies and concentration for Wharton will prolly be markeing, and (you will think this is crazy) I want to have a third major (or a minor) in politcal science</p>

<p>I wouldn't call a third major crazy dostoyevsky. But it's gonna be crazy when you graduate in 2010....</p>

<p>btw, I'm probably gonna take Russian as a language if I go to Penn. I dunno why exactly, but romance languages (i took french and latin in hs) are starting to **** me off, and russian seems awesome. My one teacher told me that I would need to know two languages other than English in order to get an Anthropology PhD though, which sucks. oh well.</p>

<p>hmm....russian is basically impossible to learn for non-native (or close to that) speakers...i was born in russia and moved to america when i was really young, but i still speak it at home (so i have a "feel" for the language)....for you, it would be extremely difficult....but yea, i forgot to write that if i dont get into huntsman and do get into wharton, i wanna minor in chinese....imagine knowing english (most of the world speaks this), russian (an up-and-coming country with vast resources), and chinese (a rival of the U.S. in business)....if i could have all three of these alone, i would be set; but with a wharton degree to boot, i will be soooo damn succesful....hmm, ill stop dreamin for now</p>

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