Penn or Cornell

Would anyone know if an applicant has a better chance of being admitted, with all other things being equal, to UPenn Engineering WITH legacy, or Cornell Engineering WITHOUT legacy, under the ED deadline? I know that’s a super-specific question but I’m wondering if there are any thoughts about that. Thank you very much!

FWIW legacy at Penn only counts as a plus if you apply ED.

Thank you, I thought that might be the case. Do you have any thoughts about where there might be a better chance: legacy at Penn in the early decision process, or non-legacy early decision at Cornell? My thought is that they are roughly comparable but I wondered if you had any different thoughts about that. I’m appreciative of any thoughts about that.

…and “all things” are never equal- the two schools have different personalities. Your app is as likely to strike a chord more at one than the other.

Very different locations. Personally, I would go with Penn ED legacy, (I’m a Quaker), but I had done Cornell Summer, and was heartbroken not to get into Cornell. As often is the case, the school I got into, Penn, was probably a much better match for me.

Climate wise, isolation wise, Penn is a better choice. Cornell gets really gray and rainy and cold, and it’s far from home for everyone. Is there something at Cornell engineering that the applicant really wants, that’s not available at Penn engineering?

In terms of admissions likelihood, I’d say Penn Eng ED legacy more likely than Cornell Eng reg admit non-legacy.

Ok thank you. I love both schools and I think I would very happy to be at either. I loved Ithaca the few times I visited, but I only visited when it was beautiful weather, so I never saw it cold and gray. I did like that Penn had a lot going on, more than Ithaca, just by virtue of being in a big city where a lot is happening. The Penn neighborhood also seems like it’s pretty happening, although in some parts I was concerned a little bit about safety. Penn is easier for me to get home. Ithaca has beauty and an arboretum and the Finger Lakes. It;s so beautiful there, but it does seem pretty isolated and farther away, and maybe not much going on in the area I thought they both had their pros and cons. Cornell has a lot more highly ranked engineering but I think both are probably great. I’m trying to decide with my family if I’m going to apply ED, and if I do, I’ve narrowed it down to these schools. So I’m really mostly trying to compare the likelihood of getting accepted to either one ED.

Based on information I’ve seen, your chances of admission would be much greater at Penn ED under this scenario. That said, you may want to continue to consider Cornell for its highly regarded engineering programs and general attributes.

Penn legacies seems to get a meaningful boost, anecdotally.

Thank you, I really feel on the fence since I love both schools!! I’m not so great at making tough decisions, unfortunately. But it sounds like in the ED round, my Penn legacy could be a real boost. I kind of like that there’s so much going on there too, and my mom really loved it. Going to sleep on it overnight and make a decision in the next day or two. Thank you again a lot!