Penn Preview Reflection

<p>To everyone who went to Penn Previews, what did you think about it? How was the organization, the student interactions, etc. Just wondering what I should expect. Thanks!</p>

<p>stay over, that's all I'm going to say</p>

<p>umm....... okay. But I don't know anyone.</p>

<p>The engineering lunch with students and profs was awesome. I learned so much. I was all set to go to Tufts before the Preview Day, but now i'm about even.</p>

<p>Yeah, the talk that I had with an engineering professor from my major over lunch really assuaged many of my concerns concerning Penn engineering, and made me even more certain about choosing Penn for the next 4 years.</p>

<p>awesome! I'm in engineering too! Does it seem like the students in engineering are more down-to-earth than those in college/wharton?</p>

<p>I would say engineering students are more down-to-earth and less competitive than Wharton kids are. Everyone wants to do well, but that usually doesn't involve trying to screw everyone else over (Wharton). There is alot of group work involved, and everyone has to work together to get the passing grade. Its not like Management 100 where they make you give harsh peer feedback and give them each a grade (you HAVE to give out an F to someone, how f'ed up is that?)</p>

<p>I agree Penn15..SEAS students are very smart and hard working but a lot more normal/down to earth. </p>

<p>My apologies but I can't see a mention of MGMT 100 w/o bashing it. That class and its faculty are a joke. The peer evaluations/kissing up factors are huge. In my class, getting a good peer evaluation was 100% based on whether you were accepted by the clique formed within your small group--so if you weren't mr. popped collar, going out drinking nightly, shaking everyones hands and patting them on the back with a fake smile--you weren't getting one of the highest evaluations, so you likely weren't getting an A. Unless they've changed the process, you know who said what about whom in the evaluation. Some of the reasons given for bad evals were laughable cause people couldn't say 'sorry nick, i'm trying to make sure my 3 closest friends get As and you aren't one of them.' If you don't like your group, the easiest way to get an A is to keep your mouth shut and hopefully you'll get a decent eval/grade for being the quiet, hardworking one.</p>

<p>Engineering kids also have an incredibly low average GPA, don't they?</p>

<p>faux ... just curious about your "Stay over" comment ... can you say more?</p>


<p>And that implies what?</p>

<p>Penn gave me a bag and a folder with the Penn logo. Cornell didn't give anything. hehe</p>

<p>It doesn't imply anything. I was simply wondering if this is true.</p>

<p>Ok. Here it goes.</p>


<p>To expand on that point: before, I had nightmares about me totally not liking it once I got there....I was so wrong (thank god). I fell in love...all over again. Now this sounds like a twisted love story. Meh. But, hot diggity, I <3 Penn! It's AWESOME! </p>


<p>Previews were boring. I skipped almost all the events and hung out with friends and went to fling instead.</p>

<p>Of course Wharton students are competitive - they all want to be successful and they were all competitive in high school. They do not try to screw everyone over. Almost all Wharton classes (like Engineering) have group projects so you really can't afford to screw anyone over. You are forced to work with so many different people in so many different classes that it is not in your benefit to be cutthroat.</p>

<p>Regarding MGMT 100 - I loved my experience as do the vast majority of ppl that I know. You are NOT REQUIRED TO GIVE SOMEONE AN F. I don't know where you heard that from. Yes, you have to evaluate people, but you're not forced into a curve. From what I know it's really difficult to not get an A or a B in that class.</p>

<p>previews are alright. the usual. </p>

<p>but being there definitely made me remember why i applied early and why i've wanted to go.</p>

<p>the lunch was definitely the best part... w/out that lunch i might not have been that convinced</p>

<p>MGMT 100 is either a love or hate class. There is absolutely a forced curve in MGMT 100--that's why not everyone gets A's. You don't give F's but you have to admit there is a lot of butt kissing and favoritism that goes into making sure you get an A and not a B- in that BS class.</p>

<p>I agree that MGMT 100 is a love or hate class - most ppl I know loved it but those who don't really didn't like it. I didn't see any butt kissing or favortism and if anyone got a bad grade (ie B-) in my group it would have been the one guy who never showed up to anything and never did any work. And he earned it if he didn't do well in the class, trust me. Maybe you just got stuck in a bad group with lame people? And as far as the "curve" goes if you call not everyone getting As a "curve" that's a little ridiculous, especially considering everyone gets As or Bs.</p>

<p>I kept on nodding off in the Irvine auditorium. Everything was about housing. For those who stayed over, how was it? Do kids study together and socialize?</p>