Penn-Princeton Rivalry

<p>is the penn-princeton rivalry reciprocated on princeton's end? it seems as though harvard, yale, princeton are in a league of their they consider us to be worthy rivals?</p>

<p>It's a basketball thing.</p>

<p>Harvard Yale</p>

<p>Big Gap</p>

<p>Princeton </p>

<p>smallgap </p>


<p>Princeton is not at the same level as Harvard Yale</p>

<p>I'd say
Harvard Yale Whartton
Penn, etc</p>

<p>^^ 2 words: "One University"</p>

<p>*Princeton is not at the same level as Harvard Yale *</p>

<p>You're right, Princeton's the only one of those three to be ranked one for seven consecutive years.</p>

<p>Princeton is definitely not the same level as Harvard/Yale.</p>

Is Princeton the best of the three? I have a hard time Princeton is worse than Yale, and I think that Princeton is better than Harvard as well.</p>

<p>HYP are pretty much in a league of their own, and Princeton is definitely on the level of Harvard and Yale.</p>

<p>Penn is in the next row down, with Columbia/Dart/Brown. Then Duke/Cornell/Chicago, etc.</p>

<p>As a Harvard shirt once said, "Yale sucks and Princeton doesn't matter"</p>

<p>Princeton is the odd man out in the relationship, though the self-proclaimed "Big 3" are indeed something special. They have special inter-school events (like joint Glee Club performances) coinciding with their football matches. But the Harvard-Yale matches are definitely more spirited than the Yale-Princeton matches...</p>

<p>But haven't you ever visited Princeton? it's really lame. It's no wonder Harvard and Yale treat it as the third wheel ;)</p>

<p>Princeton is craptacular.</p>

<p>the best thing about princeton is that it's about an hour train ride to both philadelphia and new york. haha. actually, i lived there for 15 years and loved it, but that's because all of my friends live there and i grew up there. it's normal to love it. as a college student, boredom COULD set in... but that's why they give you the junior paper and senior thesis.</p>

<p>Answer to the original question is yes, at least in parents both went to Princeton, my mom's parents both went to Penn, so I've heard my share about it...</p>

<p>both are decent, but not spectacular, institutions</p>

<p>The rivalry is in athletics, and social areas that stem from that.</p>

<p>Nunavut Arctic College beats them all</p>

<p>Lol since when is Princeton not at the level of Harvard and Yale? In my opinion, Princeton and Yale trump Harvard in terms of undergraduate education as well as emphasis on having an amazing college experience. And from that point on, I personally find Princeton's campus to be much better and safer than Yale's. And Princeton's student body as a whole is much more diverse. Also, Princeton's traditions and reunions, as well as its financial aid and alumni network, are fantastic. </p>

<p>I'd rank the Ivy League as:</p>

(very slight gap)
(very slight gap)
(small gap)
(small gap)
(small gap)
(medium gap)
(medium gap)

<p>this is a silly threat...once you get to school and start growing up you realize that no one really cares if X school is better than Y, etc. </p>

<p>The Penn-Princeton rivalry is nothing more than an athletic things...particularly in basketball where Penn and Princeton have won every Ivy title since 1960 save for 5-6 years...each winning approx. an equal number of titles. Hence the rivalry is reciprocated on both sides as winning the Ivy title gets you an automatic bid to march madness.</p>

<p>decillion - with all due respect, you were accepted to Princeton a few days ago. You don't know anything. Don't bother making these long-wided Ivy League ranks because I can assure you that nobody actally cares.</p>

<p>This thread fails because half of the opinions are about the school's basketball teams and the other half are about academic prestige.</p>