Penn Rhodes Scholar case turns into Penn attacks its own student case

This New Yorker article

makes a compelling case that the original portrayal of the student in question, who was accused of lying by Penn, is far from the truth.

Originally discussed here on the forum:

This new article puts Penn in a very poor light for conspiring with the parent of the student to overturn her success, and along the way sheds quite a bit of light on the culture of “prestige” where the public facade of the institution is maintained without regard to ethical considerations.

I am just wondering what others thoughts are on this issue.

This was discussed extensively before, along with the actual court filings and evidence. Not sure one reporter’s opinion on the matter is worth much. I did learn from the article that the woman’s phd was not funded, so unless her friends continue to pay that bill for 2 more years, she will have difficulty continuing that program.

Already discussed in the the OP included. No need for a new thread. Closing.