Penn SEAS vs the College

<p>Hello everyone!
So, I am currently a junior in HS and my DREAM college is the University of Pennsylvania. I am an aspiring doctor BUT I would really, really like to do engineering as a major in college. I have spoken to students at Penn and they said that the engineering program is extremely difficult and premeds should not go. The thing is that these students didn't know about their BAS program which incorporates medicine and engineering together. (biomedical science)</p>

<p>Does anyone know the average GPA of a BAS major or someone who is in SEAS at Penn?
I guess, really, my main concern is, that which college would be best to go to for Premed?
Would Penn SEAS be worse than a major like biology?</p>

<p>I have been told that you should go to a "lower" school and do well there instead of a high school and be the average... (Penn is my dream though, it is SO perfect... :/)</p>

<p>thank you! iamsoconfuseddd.</p>

<p>I have been told recently that engineering majors are looked very highly upon in the medical field. You should do the major that you like. People seem to obsess over taking an easy route to medical and forget that once they get to medical school, it's not going to be any less difficult.</p>

<p>Penn has one of the top undergraduate bioengineering programs. If you really want to go into the medical field, you should definitely do SEAS. It's certainly not an easy major, and I don't know what the average GPA is, but I'm pretty sure it's comparable to other top engineering programs</p>

<p>bas biomedical science graduate here -</p>

<p>average gpa is marginally higher than the bse bioengineering program, but not by much as it's still a rigorous program; plenty of premeds go from both programs to great med schools</p>

<p>just pick a major based on interest</p>

<p>thank you all very much! :)
i really do love engineering so I think I'll follow my heart and do what interests me most.
The worst possible scenario, would be that I didn't like that major and I would just switch into the college. (since Penn is really lenient on switching)
thank you and now my only dilemma is getting INTO Penn. ha.</p>