Penn State 2012 Chances.

<p>Just wondering what my chances are at PSU for either Fall semester or Summer session.</p>

New York</p>

3.4 uw, 4.0 w</p>

<p>act- 25 (~1180 SATs)</p>

<p>courseload- taken 9 AP's and 12 honors/ advanced classes in all of HS, hardest workload including; AP EURO, AP US, AP PHYSICS, AP PSYCH, AP COMP, AP CALC, AP LIT, AP ECONOMICS, AP CHEM</p>

<p>I have exceptional extra-curriculars including football and baseball varsity for 4 years, science research and band. My recommendation letter is awesome.</p>

<p>Just wondering my chances. I applied November 29th as Undecided (DUS).</p>

<p>I think that you have a good shot. As long as your high school sent your weighted GPA. I think it might take a little longer to hear but eventually you will be in unless they really upped the criteria for 08 to get in.</p>

<p>You should get in if your high school sent your weighted gpa. My high school did, and I got in last year with 4.0w/1100 into engineering.</p>

<p>killer thats impressive that you got into engineering. Best of luck guys.</p>