Penn State Ag. Admissions

Just curious to see where I stand. My school uses a numerical grading system and was wondering how I compare since all I see is 3.57…3.68… etc. gpa’s. I’m applying into Ag Sciences and have just about a 90. No SAT, but lots of EC’s and activities. EA. Thanks!

I suggest that you be very cautious about taking advice from anyone who does not specifically say they have experience with the Ag Sciences.

My S/D had a chance to participate in an on-campus event at Ohio State’s Ag College before Covid. It was like a completely different world from the rest of the University – they described essentially unlimited funds, subsidized study abroad, open access to engineering and business school classes (restricted by GPA for all other students), and more employers recruiting on campus than students in several of their majors. They bought lunch for both the HS student and parents while sitting down to answer questions. This was the Ag College’s “general” visit, not a special visit for exceptional students. Ag is different at OSU and almost certainly is at Penn State too.

If you have not done it already, I recommend that you visit this page: At that page they suggest you schedule a 30-minute one-on-one video-conference appointment with the Ag College’s Director of Student Recruitment and Activities. Or, they suggest you can just call or email the Director.

Ag Sciences is different. I think you will be much more comfortable if you talk to them before you apply.

Thanks for the info. I’m looking at the website now along with signing up for admission sessions.Do you think my stats are good for the ag sciences? or are you just talking about general info about ag sciences? Thanks again for the help!:slight_smile:

I think your stats are fine for the ag sciences. Admission to the PSU agriculture school is less competitive than admission to most of the other schools. (Smeal and Engineering are the most competitive).

Thanks for the input:) Much appreciated!

In a very broad sense, PSU enrolls about 33K other students so that there is a great university available for the 9K engineering and 2K Ag Sciences students. You are choosing a major for which the entire university exists, so I expect the Ag College Director of Student Recruitment will be very encouraging based on your stats, particularly if you have ECs and activities related to Ag.

Thanks for the help! Do you think a one on one would be best or just a general ag. admissions session