Penn State can I get in?

<p>I'm currently a Junior and I want to major in Forensic Science at Penn State. My GPA isn't great it's a 80 for Fresh and Soph year, but Junior year I managed to improve a lot so my average will go up. Anyway, I do have some nice EC's one is school Ambassador, it's a program were students would represent the school at open house and help with school spirit type of events, a business program that teaches us about the business world and how to interview for a job and I managed to get a internship at a major corporation in NYC because of that program, I'm also in a dance group i'm now the leader of it we do shows in the school, and I'm in a community service group every week I do my part in the community. I haven't taken my SAT i will this May, and I'm practicing hard for it.</p>

<p>I do have a back up school Arizona State University easy to get into 95% acceptance rate, and John Jay School of Criminal Justice.</p>

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<p>It may be helpful for you to post a full profile of yourself so people can give more targeted advice.</p>

<p>what was your SAT score? the reason i ask is because i had my junior meeting with my guidance consuler. i am in a similar situation... i had only a 3.0 and 3.2 during my freshman and sophmore year so he was telling me a story about one of the kids from a past year. he had below a 3.0 but was able to get a 1500/1600 on the SAT... so PSU took him in... the rest of the story isnt so good but that was the point of the story. so based on that i guess you will have a chance at PSU... your major is somewhat common so you will have decent competition...</p>

<p>but i think you have probably a 50/50 chance... a lot depends on a lot of things</p>

<p>good luck</p>

<p>for penn state it really is just a numbers game. i mean maybe it's different for out of state students... but for in-state it's pretty much just your GPA and your SAT.</p>