Penn State Financial Aid

Daughter got accepted at Penn State Abington. Our status is that we in the Green Card queue. And this makes them classify her as ‘International Student’. And this next part makes me disbelieve. They tell me as she is ‘International student we dont offer any scholarships’ .
I did ask them if all of their International students pay fully out of pocket and the unbelievable answer was ‘yes’. She has like a 3.1 GPA, was a varsity field hockey player and decent SAT. What are we missing?

This seems to be in a NJ forum. Are you a resident of NJ?

If you don’t have a Green Card yet then it sounds right that colleges would have to classify your family as international. Most schools don’t have enough money to fund international students.

If you’re from NJ, I wouldn’t expect aid at a PA school even as a citizen or Green Card holder. When do you expect to get the Green Card?

Penn State in general doesn’t offer scholarships or need-based financial aid, even to poor instate (Pennsylvania) students who are US citizens. It is true that they offer no financial aid to international students.

From the PSU website:

“There is, at this time, essentially no financial aid available to international undergraduate students.”

Penn State doesn’t really hand out aid. It’s just a fact for almost everyone.

I wish i knew austinmshauri. Maybe within this year

Very, very few U.S. colleges offer financial aid for international students.