Penn State Online (World Campus)

I was just accepted for transfer to the Penn State undergraduate Business degree program for Summer 2020 through their online World Campus. This was my backup to my first choice of CSU Fullerton, for which I am local. I also applied to UC Irvine and Cal Poly Pomona (both are relatively close to home and work). I chose Penn State World Campus due to its recognition and Top 10 ranking for online bachelors degree programs by U.S. News for 2020.

I’ve read most of the Penn State threads under the Colleges and Universities forum section, especially how much the campus is loved and respected with a huge alumni population. But, they mostly talk about University Park and the other campuses. As an experienced online student, I know I wouldn’t get the same college experience attending the university online, especially the on-campus social and environmental aspects. I’ve seen the benefits of both in-person and online instruction at my current college. I chose the PSU online program as a backup also because I live and work in Orange County. I’m not going to move out of state or commute more than 20 miles away.

I was wondering if anybody had any feedback to the online experience and quality of education through the Penn State World Campus compared to their traditional in-person instruction?

Actually as an online student, you can participate in activities in the local alumni chapter in Orange County, which is very very active. You won’t be as disconnected as you think.

Penn state online is wonderful except for one issue: can be slow to evaluate transfer credits.

Thank you @Sophley for the info on the Penn State Alumni Chapter of Orange County. How extraordinary. I never thought to experience OOS support locally. If I do decide to attend, it will only be online but I will make every effort to visit the campus as much as possible to experience the many things that make the alumni of PSU proud as they are strong.

Hey it’s safe to say you could probably find locals near you to at least watch a few football games with. We are…a spirited bunch for sure.

Haha, that’s awesome! Wouldn’t that be fun :smiley: My wife and her best friend are USC brats. I’ve always had to root for SC by default because I was never affiliated with any university. I proprosed to her at the USC vs Penn State Rose Bowl game in 2009. How ironic is that? Now we can be a “house divided” just like in hockey since I’m an Anaheim Ducks fan and she’s a freeway face-off rival with the LA Kings.

You know, this may actually be a deciding factor… :wink: