Penn State or St. Bonaventure

I can’t decide which college I would prefer to go to. I have been accepted at both and have visited campus multiple timed, along with talking face to face with admissions, and pre health professions advisors.

I will be studying business management and will attend dental school upon graduation, as I want to operate my own practice. I know business isn’t the path most dental students take, but I am willing to take the pre requisites.

I have family ties to both universities andy parents really aren’t pushing one way or the other. I know the two choices are very different, and come with different lifestyles, bit I can’t seem to make a decision. I am just about 50-50.

Any info, response would be greatly appreciated.

If you are 50/50, please please please go with the cheaper one. Consider all costs housing and travel to and from school. Dental school is crazy expensive now.

@Amethyst222 I am now leaning towards St. Bonaventure (the cheaper one) and might commit next week.

I have decided to enroll at Penn State, but will consider transferring after freshman year if that is the best option for me.