Penn State Schreyer common App

Hello everyone!

I was thinking of applying to Penn State Schreyer for the Class of 2025, but I cant find “Schreyers” on the common app. How can I get around this?

You fill out the common app for Penn State and they will have a question about whether or not you would like to apply for Schreyers too. I’m not sure if that question pops up based on if you are in range for SAT/ACT or GPA or if everyone gets it. Once you indicate that you would like to apply for the Honors College, they will ask you if you want to do your application for Schreyers there or if you want to do it after you submit your application to Penn State on the Common App

just fyi, it is “Schreyer Honors College” or SHC or Schreyer. not Schreyers. If you are writing essays for it, I just want to ensure you get it right.