Penn State Schreyer Discussion 2025

This thread is for all who applied to PennState’s Schreyer Honors College. Feel free to post updates and questions here.

Good Luck to you all!

If you would like to share your statistics please do:
State Residency:
Accepted Y/N:

When are decisions released?

The decisions are released on or before March 1st.

Schreyer decisions were released ~Feb 20 last year; perhaps during the week of Feb 22 this time.

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My daughter is anxiously awaiting for the honors college notifications.

got an engineering merit scholarship

did you get notified of the engineering scholarship in your portal or via email?
was this the general engineering application?

I got it through LionPath. 7.5k a year recruitment and 2k a year general scholarship. Extremely happy and probably will commit now

congrats…did you get this yesterday or when the financial aid was announced?

when financial aid was announced i recieved it. But there’s still other scholar programs that are still reviewing applications such as Williams Scholar and A. Clark (if you filled out the engineering scholarship application by 1/4). on a side note, did you apply to schreyers?

yes, applied to schreyers and also completed the engineering app by 1/4…

i see

Schreyer decisions to be released on March 1 at 3:30 pm EST.


May I ask what LionPath is?

Im not sure what the other stuff on here is, but you can see your financial need and merit based aid you recieved on this website under financials!

Accepted to Schreyer:

Major: Biomedical Engineering
Rank: N/A
State Residency: PA

Hi just curious. Can you include your stats, GPA, ECs, and essays.

Accepted to schreyer! 1330 sat (although they don’t consider test scores), 4.0 GPA, from PA, information systems major, lots of unique ECs, great rec letters and good essays. I also did an interview, which I really think helped a lot (my interview was HORRIBLE, it was so bad I even considered withdrawing my application. i totally bombed it. but I think it showed a lot of demonstrated interest! also if u have an interview make sure to ask really unique questions. the interview was like a conversation, so it wasn’t as intimidating as i thought it would be!).

I honestly really think SHC depends on essays & if you sign up for an interview. There were kids in my high school class that applied to schreyer that had wayyyy better ECs, better grades and much more rigorous classes, but they approached the questions in a very basic way and didn’t sign up for an interview, and didn’t get in.

SAT: 1580
AP Classes: 6 (3 junior year 3 this year)
AP Scores: 5 on AP Physics Mechanics, Calc BC, and US History
ECs mainly included a lot of music stuff and a lot of medical research (3 publications in medical journals)
Lots of engineering and medicine summer camps
GPA: 4.8/5 weighted

Does anyone know if SHC acceptance will influence other scholarships? I applied for Eberly and I am thinking that they might try to distribute scholarships rather than stack them for someone who has the SHC scholarship.