Penn State Transfer

<p>I currently go to NYIT in Manhattan and I dont like it. I wnat to transfer to a school with Information science which pennstate is 1 of 3 schools in the north east that have it. The other 2 being Cornell and Northeastern. I have no chance at Cornell. When i applied when i was in High school the downfall to me not getting into a few of mt choices was my SAT. I am happy i dont need that POS anymore. So what should i look into having to get into this school and when should a Transfer student apply.</p>

<p>If you're interested in transferring to Penn State, you should submit your application soon. Like Michigan, I believe, Penn States admits transfers on a rolling basis; you'll optimize your chances by applying early.</p>

<p>I might transfer to a top 20 engineering school after my sophomore yr. What other schools among the top 20(in engineering) admit transfers on a rolling basis?</p>