Penn State Tuition increase

There was a room and board increase earlier this year. The University continues to reap the consequences of not having lots of housing for upoerclassmen, seeing those students move off campus en masse, driving an apartment-building boom, which pulls more students off campus. The university housing is much less attractive and they are having to compete now, whereas before they did not.

Also announced, a 100+ million dollar Liberal Arts building, financed by loans, and a double-digit millions rebuild of the field hockey arena (financed
primarily by gifts).


I’m surprised that the new apartment buildings downtown are taking so many students away from living on campus. When we looked at them for our now Sophomore daughter the costs were ridiculous. Upwards of $1500 a month - yes you had your own room but you shared the apartment with 4 or 5 others. My daughter ended up choosing an apartment building not downtown and is paying $800 for her own room and a much nicer complex.

But I guess there is a market because they keep building more! I’m a little worried our quaint college town is going to end up being blocks of high-rise, expensive apartment buildings!

already is – that small town stuff is gone. S. atherton construction starts this week, with lane widening and turning lanes being added until it finishes in 2024. West campus continues to sprawl and the parking garage is well underway. The 8-story apartment building rising on the corner by McClanahans continues the sunlight blocking.

Apartments out W College everywhere – I would think students wouldn’t want to be so far from campus or pay so much but clearly it isn’t an issue. keep in mind if you live in an apartment, you don’t have a pricey meal contract. Meanwhile, apartments for working folks are evaporating and those people move away. It’s a kind of progress that we may all live to regret.

the students stuck in the dorms during the covid year had it really rough. Kids got sent home if caught in the wrong dorm, if more than 4 people in a room… even walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night without a mask? If it happens that an RA is also there, you would get written up. Two covid write-ups and they sent kids home. it was brutal.

All of that fueled desire for apartments. With the advent of the high-rises, they are much nicer and it is fueling kids’ desire to have their own bedrooms. With that being said, I know many options with their own bedrooms (downtown) that are not in the $1500 range. And frankly, after some of the roommate crazies, I’d rather pay more so my kid doesn’t have to share a bedroom.

@greenbutton I agree that the small town feel is gone. College Ave is turning into a Manhattan. very sad.


I am curious to see freshman family reactions to overenrolling the fall class and how that impacts housing. Even the “supplemental housing” (parenthesis, because it is so much the norm you can’t really act like it is not) may not be enough, so how have they fit all those students in?

@greenbutton I know they did NOT offer any upperclassmen spots from the waitlist. They received a letter in June stating, “if you are getting this letter, we encourage you to find a place to live because we do not anticipate offering you space on campus”.

I’m hearing that virtually all of Pollock is freshman instead of typical 50%. I heard 2000 of 2265 spots are freshman this year.

I have not heard anyone who has not gotten a room assignment. I think there are many in supplemental though. (which has its own pros and cons).

The bigger issue is that classes are getting or are already full. As kids are showing up for NSO now, they are having a more difficult time making a schedule and hoping for the best with waitlist classes.

Hey there! Long time, no write. My two Penn Staters stayed up in Toftrees. They could either share a room in an apartment next to campus, or move further out and enjoy their own bedroom and bath. Best part of Toftrees area = straight shot to the commuter lot and no need to fight Atherton traffic. Apartment pricing downtown is insanely expensive. I can’t believe kids take out big loans and it’s just going to slumlords. There are 2 bedroom apartments that cost more than my mortgage…and I live 2 miles from campus. Ridiculous.

I’m back with my third and final PSU applicant. He’s been working on his common app essay (which I know they don’t read…) and putting together a list of back up schools.

My daughter and two friends chose the Heights off of Blue Course. Not a direct shot but my son lived off of Blue Course for 3 years and didn’t find it too difficult to get in to classes. Atherton always seems to be under construction!

The new downtown apartments just seem so so pricey for what you get. It’s disappointing that so many of the quaint houses are being torn down. When I went to PSU a million years ago, I lived in an adorable house right on Beaver in the heart of downtown. Now there is a huge parking garage there across from the Target. I know progress and all of that - but I miss old State College!

I’m not any locals like all of the construction. The new apartments are changing our quaint small town skyline. :(. Heights are awesome, though.