Penn State University for pre med?

<p>I'm strongly considering going to penn state next year, but am a little concerned because I want to do pre med, and I hear its really difficult at a large research school. Would it be smarter to go to a smaller school, with more personal attention and easier research opportunities?</p>

<p>It all depends on you. Some people are assertive and self directing, and they do just fine at a large U. They knock on doors until they find research opportunities (of which their may be more at a larger U). They go to office hours on their own initiative to get to know profs, which is crucial for good recs. They use the TAs, they set up study groups, they find like-minded students to encourage each other. They meet with the premed advisor, they develop an unofficial faculty advisor, they read books and articles about premed so they know they're doing the right stuff to prepare (an great starting place is Amherst</a> College Guide for Premedical Students)</p>

<p>On the other hand the personal advising and support at a smaller college, the smaller classes, may make all the difference to some people. If the cost isn't prohibitive (you want to enter med school with as little debt as you can, since you'll incur a boatload there) then it may be a better fit for you.</p>