Penn State UP Student Underage Citation

<p>I was recently at a Penn state tailgate before a football game and received an underage possession citation. I was with some friends and was given a cup of alcohol which I hadn't really been drinking out of (The reason why I got possession rather than consumption). I am not big on drinking and felt very cheated. (I see other students drunk all the time on the weekends and never get citations). All of that aside I took responsibility for my actions. I did an alcohol class rather than plead guilty and I did the university alcohol class as well. I am trying to transfer to another university for my sophomore year. I was wondering if this will affect my transfer application? I know I don't need to disclose the event legally, as it is off my record, but will the university include it in my transcript?</p>

<p>i think it may show up on the college official's report that you had a disciplinary violation. as for whether it shows up on your transcript, i don't think it would, but you would have to check with your registrar</p>