Penn State vs Fordham Finance

<p>I plan on majoring in Finance in college and from the colleges that I have been accepted to, I narrowed it down to Penn State's Smeal College of Business and Fordham's Gabelli School of Business. I cannot decide which school I should choose. </p>

<p>For Penn state I was accepted but I have to do the summer session. Fordham offered me a scholarship for 12k a year.</p>

<p>In the end, I hope to be able to do investment banking or something along those lines. No matter where I go, I am going to attempt to transfer to a more prestigious school to increase my chances of getting into IB.</p>

<p>Which school do you guys think?</p>

<p>Can anyone help me out?</p>

<p>The</a> Real Victims of the Penn State Scandal: Investment Bankers</p>

<p>On a more serious note, if you can get into the Nittany Lion Fund (you'll have to google it), recruitment from Penn State is not bad at all. You'll definitely have a solid shot at making it into investment banking, even without transferring. </p>

<p>No idea what recruiting is like at Fordham.
My analyst class had people from Columbia, NYU, Cornell, Syracuse, U Rochester and Baruch, but not a single person from Fordham. This may not hold true at other banks though. </p>

<p>Don't know enough about either school to recommend one over the other. These aren't bad schools by any means, however. Obviously, there are schools with better recruitment out there, but there's no reason why you can't get your desired job out of either of these two schools. You will need to stand out, but don't go in feeling like you absolutely need to transfer.</p>

<p>Thanks for your help! The only thing with Penn State is that I feel like I won't be able to have opportunities like internships and such because its in the middle of nowhere...</p>