Penn State vs Syracuse (which is better)

<p>My son has been accepted to both of these awesome schools. We are having a really hard time deciding which is right for him. He is planning to major in business but will be going in undecided. He was accepted into the summer program at Penn State.</p>

<p>PSU Smeal…</p>

<p>It depends, especially if he is not a direct freshman admit into the college of business. At some universities it is very,very,very hard to transfer into their college of business if not admitted as a freshman. As an example, Minnesota takes only a handful of intra university transfers into their business school each year and most will have near a 4.0 college gpa.</p>

<p>What are Smeal’s intra university transfer rules or is your son a freshman admit (if Smeal does that)?</p>

<p>UMinn biz takes most new students as freshmen as does PSU Smeal.</p>

<p>Actually it is very hard to get into the Finance program at Smeal, even if you have been admitted to Smeal. After 2 years at Penn State you have to apply to a program and Finance is the most difficult with a 3.5 GPA requirement. Other programs require a 3.2. I do not know how a student who has not been admitted to Smeal as a freshman can transfer in as these programs are obviously very controlled and competitive.</p>

<p>Is he accepted to Whitman at Syracuse??..</p>

<p>agree with above posters; most enter Smeal as freshman; difficult to transfer in…</p>

<p>Not as much at Whitman…</p>

<p>Not sure about the OP’s son, but my son has been accepted to both business schools and can’t decide. His sister is a junior at PSU so we are very familiar with the campus. We just returned from admitted students day at SU and we both were very impressed. He is guaranteed in at Whitman’s Finance program. He is in Smeal but will have to apply to the program in his 3rd semester. they only take 300 per year. SU gave a scholarship, aid, and work study allowing the cost to be slightly lower. The 3rd and 4th years, PSU adds a premium to all tuitions and at Smeal it is another $2500. Any help with his decision will also be appreciated.</p>