Penn State vs University of Delaware (Finance)

Hi, I am a finance major mulling between Penn State vs University of Delaware. I will receive little financial aid from both universities and I live in Delaware. So I understand that University of Delaware in state is obviously the cheaper route. However, I hear a lot of good things about Penn State, such as networking, their finance program etc etc. Any suggestions on which school I should go to? If you do suggest one school can you provide some type of explanation why. Thanks in advance. Will help me as I am mulling this decision

Penn State is marginally stronger for finance/business. If money is a factor, I would likely choose Delaware.

Appreciate the feedback!

Business and Finance is largely arithmetic, make sure to pick up some applied math / coding /accounting along with it … otherwise it’s a waste of 4 years.

I work at a facility that recruits alot of Penn State students from their engineering department. This is because the Penn State engineers in charge look out for the future graduates. There is definitely a networking advantage among that group. Penn state alumni certainly do seem to be a tight knit group.

We also have many engineers from other schools so Penn State doesn’t have a lock on the employment. So, while a schools networking may help to get you a certain position it isn’t like other employers/positions will necessarily care. UDel may also have an extensive network that I’m just not familiar with.

In the end I’d be hard pressed to pay for Penn State OOS over UDel in-state.