Penn v. NYU

<p>I have been looking all over this site for some help on my college choices but now I've decided to come to you guys and see if you can help me out (I must warn you that this could be long)</p>

<p>I was accepted to most of my colleges but the two that I am deciding between are NYU and the University of Pennsylvania. Frankly, I am torn between the two. And I need your help. I have always wanted to go to NYU; there was just something about it that I just loved. I was never really interested in UPenn and I thought I wasn't going to get in anyway. But when I got accepted and went to the Penn Previews, I loved it too. The problem is that there are good and bad things about both colleges and I just can't decide, so Ill try to break it down by my most important qualities in a good college</p>

I originally wanted to major in math so I could be a math teacher. But my true passion is in music and singing (It has been my dream to be a recording artist, much to the dismay of my parents). So Im not sure which college would be best for those fields. NYU's Tisch school is top notch but I am in CAS so would I be able to transfer or take classes at Tisch department? I know that UPenn is an Ivy League school, so are their programs better than NYU in terms of what I want to do?</p>

I think all those topics go well together and I am also undecided on what college will give me the best experience. I know that both colleges are in big cities (But NYC is bigger and I have lived there for 10 years so I know what it's like and I love it) I don't really know much about Philly. And the fact that NYU has no "campus" doesn't really bother me that much.</p>

<p>Another thing is that I am black... and gay. Both cities are very gay friendly but what about on campus? I heard that apparently W. Philly is not as accepting as Greenwich Village, so is that true? Where Am I going to find more gay people and which college is more supportive of gays. What is gay life like at NYU and UPenn?</p>

This is pretty simple, I just want to know which college has the bigger (and better dorms)? When I visited NYU and UPenn, it seemed to me that the dorms at NYU (In Goddard) are bigger than most of the dorms at UPenn, but I could be mistaken. Also that "every dorm has a bathroom" thing at NYU is kind of appealing and does UPenn have something like that?</p>

The last important thing regarding both colleges is financial aid. Both colleges cost approximately the same. In terms of aid, so far I got a 10k scholarship at NYU (the rest being loans), but I haven't heard from UPenn yet. Do you think that UPenn will give more than NYU?</p>

<p>These are the most important things that I try to find in both schools. So based on all this should I go to NYU or UPenn? Yes I know that UPenn is an Ivy League, but does it make a difference? Like what I said I am torn and I have to submit deposit on May 1st so time is running out. All responses are welcome. Thanks so much.</p>

<p>kokuqu, that is a fallacious assertion.</p>

<p>What is with kokuqu and bashing Penn? Wharton is the top of the top. Unless you can say Stern is better than Harvard Business, you can't say it's as good as Wharton.</p>

<p>Both are amazing schools.
It depends of if you're ready to live in NYC, don't have real campus, etc...But UPenn is a great name. But if you want to be an artist, you should go to NYC and if you're gay, this school match to you. I see reviews of NYU's girls that there are a majority of gays at NYU.
Good luck to choose. But how did you get in ? Do you think I can get into these schools ? This is my profile : <a href=""&gt;;/a>
Thank you.</p>

<p>Loved Dianebs's post, although mostly for the inadvertent generalizations.</p>

<p>Thanks guys, especially Dianebs. I checked your post and I think you have an excellent chance of getting into NYU. I hope you get in!!! And Im not too sure who this kokuqu kid is, but I was not really bashing Penn. I am literally torn between the two schools, but according to some people, See the "Penn VS Crappy school" thread on the UPenn page, Im stupid and foolish for choosing between these two schools. No worries though, Im doing what I feel is right for me.</p>

<p>Both UPenn and NYU carry similar prestige with simiar selectivity, and academic reputation.
We all know that NYU law is much better than Penn Law.
Wharton is slightly better than Stern but the difference is tiny.
NYU Economic departmet is also far more prestigious than Penn econ . etc...</p>

<p>^ kokuqu morphs into gugupo, and the blatant anti-Penn trolling continues.</p>

<p>And so it goes. :rolleyes:</p>

<p>While I was reading that post, I had the distinct sensation of walking into a room and seeing a young child in the midst of destroying something, with a sheepish grin on her face. Does gugupo truly believe this stuff?</p>

We all know that NYU law is much better than Penn Law.


<p>That'd be relevant if the OP was going to law school. And it's not 'much' better--Penn is ranked 7 and NYU is ranked 6.</p>

<p>ignore the poor immature kid</p>

<p>My point is that some of NYU departments are better than Penn and vice versa.
NYU is as great as Penn.</p>

<p>No. (10 char)</p>

<p>Yes .</p>

<p>My advice: give it up. Your own sources completely suggest you're wrong.</p>

<p>No. No matter how you slice it. The most popular majors at either school are business (Penn wins), history (Penn wins), econ (Penn wins), biology (Penn wins), English (Penn wins)... the list goes on. NYU probably has a better math department. That's about it.</p>

<p>Don't forget bioengineering and couple others.</p>

<p>Basically every academic field except for math, philosophy... and that's about it.</p>

<p>Law : NYU wins big
Economics PhD : NYU wins
Business PhD progrsm : NYU wins
Math : NYU wins.
Computer Sci (Courant Institute): NYU wins.
MBA : wharton (#5) slightly better than Stern (#9)
Applied Math : NYU wins ( #1 in the nation)
Geoscience : NYU wins big.</p>


<p>You lie, unfortunately. About basically all categories.</p>

<p>Computer science, for example: Penn is ranked (tied with Harvard and Columbia) at 17. NYU is 28.
Econ: Penn is 9, NYU is 12.</p>

<p>The only category you were right about - and I agree with you on - is math. NYU has one of the best math departments.</p>

<p>And GEOSCIENCES? NYU doesn't even appear in the US News top 50... I don't know where you found that one.</p>

<p>Keep 'em coming!</p>