Penn's Due Date - A Problem

<p>Question about Penn's due date...I just submitted my application and this message pops up: "Reminder: it is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that all materials - recommendations, downloadable forms, application fee - have arrived at PENN by the appropriate date."</p>

<p>..........umm, all I did was ask my profs to send the mail by March 15th. So is March 15th NOT considered the postmark date for Penn? I guess I am pretty much rejected if the mail have to be received by that date.</p>

<p>I think that just means that they're not responsible if they don't receive something.</p>

<p>Usually colleges are rather lenient about things like recs, transcripts, test scores, etc. as long as the main application is in by the due date.</p>

<p>I'm by no means a definitive source, but I personally wouldn't worry about it as long as everything is in within a week after the deadline.</p>

<p>Chill out! You're fine... the admissions officer lady I talked to was like, "Well it's not a big deal at all, if after a while we still don't receive your stuff, we'll email you and you can just fax it over, sweetie".</p>

<p>Strange, I just submitted mine and I didn't get any type of message like that.</p>

<p>I hope it's the postmark deadline because Canada Post certainly isn't the most reliable mail service. I hope they'll notify me in case anything is not there.</p>