People that Attend or were Accepted into Columbia

<p>I was just wondering what did it take for you to get into Columbia? Like GPA,rank, EC's, SAT's, and other things like that. and congratulations of course</p>

<p>4.7 UW/rank 0.0795 of 700/slept with admissions officer, created an alternate universe, wrote the karma sutra/SAT score 75/</p>

<p>That sounds about right. Good Luck!</p>

<p>I sold my soul for the likely letter.</p>

<p>The best essay I ever wrote got me a likley. So def have a stellar essay!</p>

<p>Agreed that essay for me was vital - plus ECs baby. My SAT scores weren't stellar, but they like a bit of diversity.</p>

<p>I am an international student. My SAT scores weren't that great (2080).. but I think it was the essay that did it. Apart from that I also sent in a science research paper I wrote and 2 extra recommendations.. I honestly believe that more is better than less. Good luck on your applications.</p>

<p>^^For you, columbiaSEAS:), more was apparently better. For my son, who followed the application directions to a T, less was better. (No extra information or recommendations.) He is domestic, however, so perhaps his background was easier to decipher. My advice is simply to make sure that your overall application describes you as you are.</p>

<p>I got high, reflected on my life, and wrote my reflections on paper. Then I sent the product to Columbia.</p>

<p>Mustafah, I have a feeling you're being facetious, but I really hope you're not. I want to believe it happened just like that...</p>

<p>Just a little bit. I began my essay while I was high and then finished it the next day. It really helps with the writer's block -- no joke.</p>

<p>I've thought about writing while I was high before, but never could motivate myself...probably because I was high.</p>

<p>I normally wouldn't get high to help me write. But it was the day before my app was due, and I was desperate!</p>

<p>Could anyone pm me their essay?</p>

<p>^^ Me as well</p>

<p>No i will no pm you my essay</p>

<p>i dint evin rite wun, i just blew da admissions offiser</p>

<p>I presented them with an idea of who I would be as a student. My grades, teacher recs, essays, test scores, and answers to those weird questions all suggested that I was strong in the humanities and intellectually curious, which I think is pretty true (oh, okay, everyone @ Columbia is at least somewhat "intellectually curious," so that's somewhat of a bs description). Then I had enough ECs to seem like I wouldn't just sit in my room all day. And I'm black, which didn't hurt.</p>

<p>Oh, also, I have a chances thread that I updated with results (just Columbia ED), so if you're interested, check that out.</p>

<p>any of you guys that did get, can you put up your profiles (Really, guys, without the sarcasm..:-)) ? GPA, Rank, SAT, AP, any Hooks...</p>

<p>Okay, two things bother me about this thread:</p>

<p>1) People asking others to send them their essays.
--Seriously guys? You guys want to be accepted to Columbia? I highly, and I mean highly doubt Columbia want people like you. Why? That's pretty much plagiarism and a violation of academic integrity. Sure you might say, oh I'm not going to write what they are writing. But guess what? You are going to either subliminally or actively write an essay very similar to their, using their writing style/structure and possibly their idea. You are not writing an essay by yourself. Columbia's application and the Common App has a part where you have to sign and when you sign you pretty much agree that:
My signature certifies that the information included in this application is entirely my own work and, to the best of my knowledge, is accurately and honestly presented.

Seriously people. Please don't apply to Columbia if you can't even write your essay by yourself cause you will never make it through Columbia. </p>

<p>2) People asking other's for their stats. (this doesn't bother me as much)
But there is something called "search forum" on CC. You want everyone to waste part of their summer typing their stats? really? If you have to know others stats, search the forum. But because I'm nice, i'll post the link: <a href=""&gt;;/a>
But seriously people, use your brains, think.</p>

<p>P.S. for all of you wondering other's stats. Guess what you can do with the time you wasted trying to read other's stats and posting questions? YOU CAN GO ENGAGE IN SOME EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITY. That might actually make your chances better. The time you waste reading others people's stats can be used to study, and engage in activities that will "wow" the admissions officers.</p>

<p>@setivagen- did you really sleep with the admissions officer? :O</p>