People who got in already...

<p>Did any of you get/not get the "in" CMU magazine? Please do tell, it would also help the classes of the future.</p>

<p>I got it ED, and I'm international. No magazine here, and it isn't even on my list of items sent.</p>

<p>i never got the in magazine either</p>

<p>seems like that theory is out then.</p>

<p>symphonyofs0und: Not really, it could now mean that people who got it are rejected or borderline.</p>

<p>the "in" magazine is liek a form of advertisement for the college.
why would they send them to people are are rejected?</p>

<p>i got the in magazine. I will let you guys know if i get rejected or acceted when teh decisions come out. ahah</p>

<p>i got the in magazine, i got accepted 2day :D</p>

<p>ok so we can conclude it doesn't mean anything</p>

<p>..what do you mean?</p>