People who have transferred into NYU during their Junior Year

<p>I was speaking to a friend recently who was giving me advice on school based on his girlfriends experiences. He told me not to wait too long to go to school because his gf is 27 and just now going back to school and struggling because she feels like an outsider on campus. He said when he was in undergrad he looked at people on campus over 24 as 'not cool' and didnt wanna hang out with them. I understand where hes coming from...and this has been my worry too. Along with age, I am really worried about missing out on the experience. I am kinda bummed that I will only have 2 years at NYU, if I attended. I cant go to NYU right now because I need to build grades at a CC. I have already had one year of schooling, but took a year off. I was going to take another year off because even though I can afford a CC on my own, I have been given the opportunity to go tuition free next year. </p>

<p>My friend's point is despite money...just go to school. Who cares if I can go tuition free next year? People pay money for ridiculous things they will never need all the time. And in a way hes right. I just feel as a student supporting myself its the responsible thing to do to just wait if I can. Tuition vs. No tuition is a BIG difference haha. Just like his worries, its always worried me too about starting NYU much later than everyone else. Ill be like 22 by the time I build my grades up enough to go to NYU and I feel Ill be way behind than everyone else. Everyone has already found their niche...knows how the school operates, knows where they fit in, understand the culture...ill be 22 just learning it. And like my friend said will be 'un-cool'. I feel like that finding your place stage is fun when your a little freshman but at 22...its just unfortunate.</p>

<p>When he was giving me his advice I laughed it off and said I have a plan and am still young (only 19)...but deep down I feel hes right.</p>

<p>So my question is, to people who have transferred into NYU as Juniors...what are your thoughts? Are you ever jealous of people who have gotten to spend a whole 4 yrs there?</p>

<p>The average year at NYU is $53,000. Multiply that by four and you get $212,000. So to answer your question, yes I am jealous of people who get to spend four years there but then you look at the price tag and you realize you've made the economically smart decision.</p>

<p>It's actually 59,000 with 5% increases each year totaling that to be ~255,000. Oh I could get a nice house with that...</p>

<p>22 is not a big deal. NYU is actually one of the 'oldest' schools I can think of. A huge portion of kids here are older than the national average for their year in school. Tons of kids take a gap year after high school to travel or work, a lot of kids are Jewish and choose to wait a year and do birthright among other things, a lot of kids are international and didn't go through the cookie-cutter American education system where the norm is to graduate at 18, etc. etc.</p>

<p>You don't even have to tell anyone you're older. If anything, it'd be an advantage anyway. You're over 21, you're an asset to most people underage. Add that to the fact that you're saving money, and I think it's a pretty easy decision. There's no rush. The school will still be here. Anyone shallow enough to judge you isn't someone you want to know. Any trouble you'd have 'learning the ropes' at 22 you'd have at 21, there is no real difference at all.</p>

<p>As for jealousy ... trust me, half the kids here are so sick of the school, you'll probably have a better experience with only 2 years here compared to the normal kid who gets so jaded that they can't wait to graduate and get on with life.</p>