People with scores in - post your last names!

<p>I'm one of them, you know, the people that don't have their scores yet. I reckon this delay has to do with my last name beginning with the letter O, which is a relatively late letter in the alphabet.</p>

<p>To prove or disprove this theory, I am asking all people who have received their scores to post the first letter of their first names and last names.</p>


<p>My last name ends in R. Don't have them yet</p>

<p>My last name starts with B- no scores yet.</p>

<p>I don't think it has to do w/ names. My s/n's N and I got my results, albeit for only 2 minutes and then they disappeared from the collegeboard web. I'll probably check back again later to confirm.</p>

<p>Oh well, that's my theory down the drain then.</p>

<p>Maybe it's the reg numbers.</p>

<p>think they took the scores off the site</p>

<p>Daughter's last name begins with R. She saw her score, now its gone. 40 pt increase in math, so 1480, 790 v 690 m, yeah!</p>

<p>hey jon, wats up</p>

<p>Maybe they put scores up according to region. Maybe Californians get it first or something. I don't know. I just know I am from Minnesota and have not gotten mine yet...Grrrrr!</p>

<p>ok... lastname B, firstname S, did see my scores, now disappeared</p>

<p>yo george. Whats up</p>

<p>are they posting every hour? or whats going on</p>

<p>please post the approx time you saw your score</p>

<p>wait - where on the site do we pay to see them early? Somebody please answer!</p>

<p>Tenacious... Apparently, the scores were up for a little while but now are not available on the CB website. Some people say they should be available by 3-4 p.m. Eastern Time. They for sure will be up tomorrow.</p>

<p>Just click on SAT information and then find a link that says Reg & Send Scores or something to that effect. There are various ways to find the information; just navigate around a bit.</p>

<p>I have gotten to the screen where it has my old scores, but don't you have to pay now to get the scores earlier? Or maybe I did that when I registered...</p>

<p>No, there is no fee to view your scores online. Your new scores will pop up as soon as they stick all the scores into their website to make it available for us. I'm waiting for mine, too. But the place where your old scores are is the same place you will find your new ones when they are finally available.</p>

<p>costs 10 bucks over phone</p>


<p>Last name S, first name J. Username starts with J. And I'm from MA.</p>

<p>I got my scores at midnight last night.</p>