Pepe's or Sally's....Pass the time with a Real Important Topic

<p>The best pizza in the world is in our college town. So which is it? Pepe's or Sally's</p>

<p>I had both and I liked Sally's, personally.</p>

<p>Pepe's all the way!!!!!!! I had Pepe's the night before my on-campus interview and i think it went well (knock on wood), so that's where my allegiances lie. Plus, pepe's was the original. It was his nephew that started sally's</p>

<p>i def. like Pepe's better..but i have to say...I like The Spot the best.</p>

<p>Bar beats both Pepe's and Sally's. The pies are as good as Pepe's, the atmosphere is better, and the waitrons are beautiful. </p>

<p>Sally's pies are delicious...but they aren't worth the wait, the filth, or the attitude. (Did you know that there's a secret number that insiders can call to reserve a table and jump the queue?)</p>

OMG amazing! It's how I convinced my parents to let me apply to Yale early :)</p>

<p>I used to like Sally's at least as much, but it's never open when I go through New Haven. I've stopped at Pepe's a couple of times a year at least for the past 25 years. It's just awesome. I have never found its equal (much less superior) anywhere, except for maybe Sally's.</p>

<p>The Spot is owned by Pepe's; it's just the overflow place. Same people, same ingredients, same recipes, not as cool an oven. 30 years ago, some people published a book that was supposedly The Best of Everything in America. The Spot was named for best pizza. The article about it noted that everyone said Pepe's and/or Sally's was the best pizza in America, but the authors couldn't get a seat in either, so they went to The Spot, and it was the best pizza they found, but they never tried Pepe's or Sally's.</p>

<p>Pepe's is indeed the best. Sally's is good too, but the atmosphere at Pepe's is much nicer. We tried Modern a couple of years ago because people raved about it, but we were disappointed.</p>

<p>Haven't tried either Pepe's or Sally's, and we definitely plan to, but pizza at Modern was part of what clinched my son's decision to apply early last year. (Well, that plus a casual conversation about Gaussian Curves overheard in the Commons plus a few other things.) ;)</p>

<p>Pepe's. The pizza there tasted almost the same as Sally's, but I didn't get as dirty when I ate it. </p>

<p>Plus, I got a t-shirt with Frank on the back.</p>

<p>When I was in school, we always ate at Sally's, for reasons I don't recall. Last time I was in New Haven, Sally's was closed, and we ate at Pepe's. It was great.</p>