Pepperdine Acceptance w/ low GPA?

Hi everyone! One of my top schools is Pepperdine, however, with my scores I’m not confident I’ll get in. I have sufficient EC’s and believe I wrote the best essay and supplement I could with help from multiple teachers, but I’m still anxiously waiting my admission decision. I have a 3.3 UW & 3.4 W GPA with a 1210 SAT. I’ve taken 4 AP classes (economics, French, world history, and literature & composition) and am heavily involved with my school’s Student Council (part of my Common App essay was about how I helped in setting up my school’s first ever Homecoming Dance and other events). My low GPA is due to me completely screwing myself over freshman year, which they’ll see on my transcript but still really worries me. I haven’t gotten my hopes up, but if I got in I wouldn’t even hesitate to put down my deposit down right then and there. Is it even possible that I’ll get admitted/deferred? If anyone has similar scores and has heard anything or is applying I’d love to talk! Thanks!

@jakethom1 . . . so you’re applying to an early program? I don’t know if Pepperdine considers frosh grades, but if you show a trend upward, I’m sure they would be more inclined to overlook your 9th-grade gpa, if they even consider it.

But if you want to talk to someone, go to the Pepperdine board; perhaps they might have a current student who can relate to your predicament.

Here’s the link:

All the best…

@jakethom1 Oh my goodness! I’ve finally found someone applying to Pepperdine EA with similar stats! You’re not alone! And I completely relate with you on the whole “immediately depositing upon acceptance” sentiment! My GPA is a 3.5 UW and my SAT score was a 1230. I’ve been trying to keep my expectations and hope under control, but I’m so passionate about the school I’d be eternally grateful for an acceptance! At any rate, I’m also relying on my writing for a successful application. And I think another card I can pull is being latina. As scared as I am for the results, I can’t wait to see what happens! For now, I’d say we both have shots. I know of this one girl who got accepted with a 3.1 GPA. I’m not quite sure what her hook was exactly, but there’s hope!

If you’d like to talk more, don’t be afraid to message me! It’d be nice to have someone to talk to during this stressful month! XD

hey @ac_rome02, I applied EA to Pepperdine as well, if you want to discuss stats/EC you can DM me on insta @ Jassondg Im just as nervous and eager to find out about the decisions

I have similar stats too! so anxious for friday

Hey all! Just figured I would come back on here and let everyone know that I got rejected unfortunately. No surprises, was fully prepared for it but still really disappointed. God has a plan for us all and mine didn’t include an education at Pepperdine. All is good, just figured I would update y’all. Congrats on acceptances if you got one!!

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