Pepperdine Acceptance

Hi all,

I applied to Pepperdine as regular. I have about 3.8 weighted and quite some ec with volunteering, religious activities, and music. But this first semester of senior year I think I’ll end up w a D. Do you think I’ll be rejected?

Hello. Were you able to address it on your app?

I have to send the official transcript to Pepperdine soon which is going to have the senior grade.

Ok. Did you offer a reason why in your essay or perhaps in the area provided for additional information on the common app? Or in an interview?

If not, I would ask someone like a trusted advisor at school if this should still be addressed somehow, if you feel you have a valid reason (personal circumstance). Good luck!

Please forgive my honest talk. Even with 3.8 weighted GPA, you have a very small chance. Now the mid-year report is going to make a new GPA smaller than 3.8. If I were you, I would put my hope on different schools.

I think it depends on if this student has solid supportive material (sounds like ec’s are strong) and an explanation for the D, if given the opportunity. The average gpa of those who accept offers of admission is 3.6 (uw?). We don’t know what this student’s uw gpa is.

What we do know is that the chance of large merit is low given the gpa. Grants of varying sizes may be a possibility however - depending again, on the rest of the application.

If willing, let us know your outcome.

I think this year is unlike any year! There’s still a chance for you. Remember Pepperdine has been entirely online…for a year. I personally think there is no way to gauge acceptances this year. I think kids applied early but are going to look at the price tag and have other offers from schools that are guaranteed to be in class come fall. I say don’t loose hope. My daughter (class of 2022) got in with a 3.6 and that was in the good times, when Pepp was turning everyone down. I know they are sending out letters to early acceptances asking what their intentions are. This says to me that Pepperdine is needing students more than ever! Shoot your shot! You just might get in. I would definitely ask if you can amend your application to account for your bad grade. Call the admissions office, they are so nice :slight_smile: ask if you can add to your exsisting application. Nothing ventured nothing gained. They want students that their school is your first choice!

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Any updates on the anticipated notification date for Pepperdine?

I think decisions might be coming out tomorrow! I checked last year’s forum and they came out Tuesday, March 17. That happened to be St. Patrick’s Day. Since tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, we might have a chance. I haven’t heard anything from them and keep constantly checking my admissions portal. I applied to BA in Music at Seaver College. I’m really hoping to get in, it’s my top choice. I’m a CA resident so the odds may be in my favor. Good luck!

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Any insight on notification date?

Nope I haven’t heard anything. I emailed my admissions counselor a couple of days ago and all I could get out of him was decisions will be released by April 1. We already knew that so it’s kinda disappointing. I think it could come at any time really.

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Got accepted today as a transfer!!

I got accepted today as a freshman. Even though I ended up getting a D in one of my AP class, I think the essay and the extra curricular activities that were deeply connected to the Christianity helped me get accepted!

God blessed you.


I got accepted for first-year as well!! I’m so excited and grateful.