Pepperdine Accepted Students 2024 EA/RD

Hey everyone, thought i might start a group for all those that have been accepted to this point! We can share information about Pepperdine and scholarship info. As well as questions and just general discussions :slight_smile:

Has anyone attended an accepted students event?

Our daughter attended one. I thought the event was well done. Our daughter really liked a group of girls she spent a lot of time socializing with and they are now all in some social media group thingy. I didn’t count but there were like 25 girls and 3 boys at our local event! Of the kids I talked to only 1 was definitely going to Pepperdine and that was because she received a large Grant. Most were still to decide between Pepperdine and a lower cost school. Pepperdine has a lot to offer but comes with a premium price tag for most folks.

@ProudD were you at the one in jersey?

I haven’t attended a regional students admitted event (none in my area) but I am for sure attending, I got a lot of financial aid and a decent scholarship.

Has anyone heard back from regular decision or know what day they released last year?

My daughter was deferred to Regular Decision from early action and has not heard back yet.