Pepperdine Class of 2024 EA

Hey guys! I saw there wasn’t a thread for this year’s EA applicants for Pepperdine so I made one. Feel free to leave your stats, comments, and questions on here! I’m sure next year’s class will also be looking for advice from us so we might as well start here! :wink:
Good luck to you all!

Hi! Do you know the date that decisions come out?

@afeldman4 I was checking last year’s EA applicant thread and it looks like they received their decisions on the 21st of December. So I think it’s a pretty safe guess this year’s applicants will be receiving theirs at around the same time. At any rate, Pepperdine says everyone should be receiving their decisions by January 10.

All the accepted applicants got their emails first, then the waitlisted and Spring term applicants got their emails second, with the rejected applicants receiving their emails last. Hope that helps!

Alright so, I had to call in today because apparently, there were two applications under my name. That’s been resolved thank goodness. Anyway, apparently Pepperdine’s pushed back its EA decision day 5 days. Instead of January 10, it’s now January 15. Which is pretty late for an EA decision but it is what it is. If they change the date, no one hesitate to update my comment! Thanks guys! Good luck!

I’m assuming but not sure if they’ll send them this Friday (12/20) from 3-6 pm. I was looking through college confidential and Instagram and it seems as if they released EA last year on (12/21) which was a Friday last year and this year 12/20 is a Friday. Last year on college confidential, people started posting that they were accepted around 3pm so i’m assuming based on last year, they may release EA on Friday. However, I’m not positive as they said anytime until Jan 10 but if they follow the same trend as last year, I’m assuming decisions will be released this Friday (12/20)

@Jassongb24, I think your assumption is spot on

I’ve heard that this Friday is likely going to be when they are released. Not certain, just what I’ve heard from other applicants. We shall see! Also good luck to all of you!!!

Interior anxious screeching inTenSiFIEs

Does Pepperdine let you know what scholarships (if any) you received with admissions decisions? Or do they send a separate letter/email?

It’s a separate email that they send out at a later date according to last years EA applicant pool. Hope that helps!

I am so nervous. Pepperdine is my first choice. I have gotten into other colleges but Pepperdine has been my dream school since the first time I saw it. ???That Friday is the release date

I spoke with the admissions office yesterday and I was told all EA decisions will be emailed to applicants this Friday, December 20th. ??

Alright now it’s officially time to overthink and cry. I have this awful premonition that like, they won’t even send me a decision because there was a problem with my application or something of the sort and then I’ll die never knowing what happened…I hate overthinking. I love this school too much. Now I’m just ranting… Alright guys… T-minus 48 hours and counting.

Wishing success to everyone here!!

So so so sooooooooo nervous for Friday. Wishing everyone the best of luck. Praying!!!

Make sure to actually visit the school people. I applied then after I visited, I realized Malibu is a very boring small town with nothing to do. Quite far from the city (30min-40min each way)

Good Luck everybody!! I pray it comes out tomorrow lol. I cant deal with this waiting anymore.

Looks like tomorrow is the day based on prior comments and last years posts. The first person to comment with acceptance last year was at 1:30 pm PST. No guarantee that it will be the same this year. Also, a campus visit was made prior to applying. Loved the location and the fact that it wasn’t too close to the city but close enough to visit.

Ah so nervous! Praying and crossing my fingers for all of us!

@notmeohno Great point actually. I would highly recommend visiting any school before committing, if possible. I’m from LA so I know what to expect, and if I’m granted the opportunity to attend Pepperdine, I believe I will take advantage of it.

At any rate, just breathe guys! We’ll be okay!

Best of luck to all of you! I pray we all get great news tomorrow!