Pepperdine Class of 2027 Official Thread

I asked mom of a current student that got a scholarship. She said around April 1st is what she remembers.


Congrats! Did it state if those numbers were for RD-only or they include EA as well?

Appreciate the info!!


They did not specify if it was just RD, but I’m assuming it did not include early admits because that is an unusually low admit rate for Pepperdine.

Likely, the RD acceptance is 895 and the total number of RD & EA applicants is 13k.

We got a regents scholarship email today. It is $20,000.

Does anyone know when or/if they might start accepting from the Wait List?

I apologize up front – a bit off topic but related to making your college decision perhaps. (Other threads pertaining to this have been closed. Perhaps I’ll start a new one, too). Students at Pepperdine are saying some of the GE (General Education) course requirements have been modified starting Fall 2023 as part of strategic plan they’ve had to revamp the GE program. This should be a welcome update for many, as more choice will be given to students as to what they can take. Please contact the university for details if this is important to you, as I do not know if the full GE strategic plan is being implemented just yet or only part of it.

I apologize as it’s a bit off topic but related to admission,

My daughter is waitlisted. What’s the possibility of getting out of that list? Any comment or advices are welcome!

Waitlisted at Pepperdine