Pepperdine Students from NY

Hi my son was accepted to Pepperdine & I wanted to see if anyone from NY attends & what they think of the school, social, scene, & kids who attend. Because of Covid we have not been able to take a tour or even see the campus. Let me know your thoughts.

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Hi there. We are not in NY, but are also in the NE. Our daughter is in the same boat. We had planned a trip out but everything was locked up in LA and the covid numbers started rising at that time.

Pepperdine is open for new-admit tours now. And tomorrow is the virtual reception, if you haven’t rsvp’d.

I am familiar with Malibu and the campus. (She’s been to LA). There’s essentially no college town as Malibu is a highly residential area. It’s beautiful mountains and ocean with a bit of shopping and dining in the relaxed Malibu culture. There is a shuttle for the latter from campus and it sounds like a fair amount of CA students bring cars. Socially I’d say it is a pretty non-judgmental, happy culture on campus generally. Hopefully students can chime in more on that. (CA and TX students more frequently attend over our NE students, which may be changing a bit?). GL deciding!

Hi. We are from north NJ. Our daughter was just accepted to Pepperdine. Same situation as you. We’ve been over the situation 100 times, considering all points and her other admissions, 99% she’ll be attending. We never got to visit. Absorbing as much as we can thru virtual events and reading. Air travel to college was not our plan, but here we are and our daughter is over the moon excited. Good luck to you.

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Also in this boat . . . DS has been accepted and we’re from NNJ. While he would love to hop on a plane and visit before May 1, it will be impossible with school, baseball, work and the travel quarantine restrictions when we return.
It will be an incredibly difficult decision for those kids who haven’t been able to tour most of the colleges they will be deciding upon.
I plan to spend the weekend pouring through the virtual recordings with him.

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Our daughter decided to go. She can’t wait!

I attended one of Pep’s fantastic satellite grad schools (twice actually, loved it that much). Have some experience in Malibu & main campus. Not sure if I can be of any additional help to those of you deciding, but happy to try.

Good luck!

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It might help to generate meaningful comments if those accepted to Pepperdine shared “why Pepperdine” or what they hope Pepperdine to be.

From the Fiske Guide To Colleges 2020:

Students should come to Pepperdine ready to embrace an evangelical Christian emphasis.

Students joke that there is never a shortage of Porsches and BMWs on campus, but there is a shortage of places to park them.

Pepperdine has taken up the challenge of trying to marry the Christian focus of a Bible college with the academic rigor of a secular university–all in a location not known for the strength of its moral fiber. Students love to tease their well-manicured university with T-shirts proclaiming, “Pepperdine, 8 month party, 50K cover charge.”

  1. “Generate meaningful comments”: @Publisher the existential despair from which you have saved so many now is real. grātiās tibi agō

  2. “Why?” Thank you for your well-formed & meaty addition here. Have you personally attended the school, so you can add even more?

  3. Porsches & BMWs: I mean, have you ever hugged a canyon curve in CA? ; ) Good for those kids. However, many who attend do not have that level of car (or any car at all).

Many college campuses suffer a lack of parking. Good for Pepperdine students getting a fabulous view while they walk, taking on those hills.

  1. “Evangelical” – A word so often used nowadays by those trying to slide in a political connotation. :yawning_face: (Many students claim there is a nice mix of political persuasions on campus, btw).

  2. Marry Christian focus to academic rigor: Translation: A warm, friendly, service-oriented environment open to discussion/progression of scholarly work.

  3. “8 month party”: How did I miss these shirts the multiple times on campus? Well, it’s a dry campus but that doesn’t matter because it IS FUN – true!! :beach_umbrella::ocean::sunny:

  4. “Moral fiber” - Hm, if you are referring to the local area, as I suspect, we (this amazing global world, that is) should all be grateful for #5, then!

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