Pepperdine Transfer Thread 2020-2021

Hello everybody,

I hope everyones applications went smoothly and were done to the best of your abilities. As the deadline was yesterday, I thought it would be a good idea for all us transfer applicants to have a thread to share any questions, stats, and most importantly of all, acceptance/rejection results.

To start off the discussion, here are my stats:

School: CCC

Major: Business Administration

GPA: 3.55 (as of submission date)

Essays: imo they were solid and expanded on the prompts well but that is a purely subjective notion.

Other Schools Applied to: UCLA, UCB, UCI, UCSB, UCSD, NYU, USC, LMU, Chapman, SMU, USD

Thoughts: Nervous to see where my fate ends up with these schools. After talking to admissions teams from most of these schools, I am still unaware of their gpa calculation based on courses. For many of the schools applied to, my transfer Gpa is a 3.82, which is competitive, but my overall (3.55) is satisfactory at best. When talking to the UC and USC reps, they stated that decisions will be based on transferrable GPA, but again it seems to be a gray area. All that being said, it is time to just sit back and see where all this work will take us.

School: Cal Baptist University ( Private 4-Year )

Major: Communications (IMC)

GPA: 3.90

Got accepted 3/17/2020 at 11:15am!!! Best of luck to everyone who applied and applies in the future. PM me with any questions.

Just got accepted!!! 3/17/2020 !!! 3.89 GPA Integrated Marketing Communications Program

Just got accepted!!! 3/17/2020 @ 11:11AM 4.0 GPA Business Administration! Now I am just waiting to see if I got into Regents! Does anyone know when we get our financial packages? Good luck to the rest of you guys!!

At the bottom of the acceptance it says by April 1. According to past threads, accepted applicants said around 7 days after email notification.

Congratulations to everybody who was accepted! I was also accepted into the Integrated Marketing Communications Program as a transfer.

Got in with a 4.0 to Seaver for Business Administration and received the Regents’ Scholarship on 3/19 in the mail! Best of luck to everyone!

@ON5000 I’m waiting to hear about Regents as well! Same stats as you. Is mail the only way you found out? If you don’t mind me asking, did you get the 30K or 35K scholarship?

Hey. I got the 30k regents scholarship in the mail on 3/19. On 3/20 I received an email stating that I got the regents scholarship.

Also on 3/20 I received my info for the Wavenet account. After signing in I saw that I received the Pepperdine Grant, covering the rest of my cost of tuition for about 28k. Later at night on 3/20, I got an email containing the whole financial breakdown from Pepperdine.

Also, I just wanted to inform you that I am a California resident. I hope this info helps! Best of luck!

@ON5000 congrats on the scholarship. Are you going to attend Pepperdine?

Congrats again on the scholarship! I got in too! Business Admin with the Regents Program! @ON5000 do you think you will attend Pepperdine?

Hi Everyone! Im looking for a girl roommate for this year as I am attending Pepperdine! Please let me know if anyone is looking for a roommate! My instagram is @alyssakuri

I got into that program as well!

Hey guys I am going to start a Pepperdine Transfer Accepted thread! Hopefully we can connect in there! The thread name is Accepted Pepperdine Transfers for Fall 2020! Head on over!

I am definitely considering it. However, I am waiting to hear back from UCLA for Business Econ, USC for Marshall, and Haas from Berkeley. Haas seems like a longshot; however, I believe that I am definitely a highly-competitive applicant for USC and UCLA.

USC Marshall is my dream school and is a 20 min drive from home. If it isn’t USC or UCLA, free tuition at a great school like Pepperdine is certainly in consideration.

@ON5000 I am waiting for those schools as well! It will be hard for me to pass up Pepperdine though just because of the great opportunities and the Regents Scholarship. Good luck with your other schools!

@Maxles1999 and @ON5000 We all have the same hopes with USC Marshall. the other two privates I’m waiting for are SMU and NYU. Those schools all suit my long term goals the best. But as you said, Pepperdine is hard to pass up.

Is anyone waitlisted?

Waitlisted and offered today.