Pepperdine University 2024 RD

I’ve discovered that there’s no thread for 2024 Regular decision applicants. Please update information here for the applicants and wish the best of luck to everyone who has applied. Good luck!

So the admission updates will be sent on April 1 or any chance it will be earlier than this? So anxious…

@Grace1973 Last year it looks like they came out on the third Friday of the month. So it should be before April 1st.

@SamPatt01 Thanks for the info. Will hold my breath…

I heard decisions will go out by this Saturday 14th …good luck everyone!!

@RACH2020 for real? This is super. Thanks for sharing.

@RACH2020 Where did you hear that? That would be awesome.

Pepperdine will be sending out decisions through email and is there chance that they may send it saturday even tho they’re not in session

Just so yall know, Pepperdine has moved all classes online. So this may affect the day that they release decisions.

I hope it comes out today!

I called Malibu campus the other day and someone told me… hopefully it was accurate, we shall see ??

that it comes out today? :slight_smile: @RACH2020

Lol I am literally at Pepperdine right now, I want to walk into Admissions and just be like “so… anyone have a decision for me?” I am a transfer btw. Does anyone think that Transfers will be notified later? I asked someone a while back and they said no but then again you never know who ACTUALLY knows what they’re talking about. If anyone knows I would love to hear!!

They told me Saturday 14th probably by accident who knows but fingers crossed

Dont understand why a faculty member would tell me Saturday 14th, still hoping

Admissions office is closed Saturday but fingers crossed still hoping also

Got rejected from UCD and UCSD. Hope pepperdine comes out nice

Decisions came out last year on the 15th so maybe they will be sent out tomorrow!

So I went to Pepperdine on Friday (13th) and while I was there picking my girlfriend up she had to go into One Stop, the academic advising center. While we were there we decided to just ask around and see if anyone knew anything. The gal ACCIDENTALLY told us that they were supposed to release decisions on Friday the 13th but they moved it back to Tuesday the 17th because of all that has been going on with COVID-19. She ended up telling us not to repeat that but she only knew because one of her coworkers has a daughter applying and that girl asked around in the admissions department and they told her that admissions will be the 17th this year! Take it for what it’s worth but I believe it! Good luck guys! I look forward to seeing the results from you guys!

@Maxles1999 Do you know what time in tuesday?