Pepperdine University Transfer 2019-2020

Hi guys! I haven’t seen a thread regarding the 2019-2020 transfer applications so I decided to make one. I am a CC student and I applied as a business admin major to Pepperdine University. I have a 3.6 and have been involved in the honors program, club leadership, and work. Has anyone received their decision from Pepperdine yet?

Hello! I am a transfer as well. 3.8 from UNLV. Keep us updated and good luck!!! We should hear back today

did anyone get admitted spring 2020 as a transfer?

I got in for Fall 2019! Heard back at 11:21 am PST today. I’m a California CC student.

Got accepted for Fall 2019!! have you guys received your financial aid award yet?

Is anyone a Regents’ Scholar? And are you guys planning on going to the Malibu Reception?