<p>anyone know about college life at Pepperdine or Chapman???</p>

<p>OK let me add to this since Im guessing not many people know much about Pepperdine. Anyone know about college life at USD or Chapman or U of Wash??</p>

<p>My friend goes to Pepperdine. At our high school he was considered "rich like whoa." His father was retired, yet his family lived in a huge house, and daddy could afford to buy my friend a camaro and whatever else. When my friend went to Pepperdine, he said he suddenly felt on the poor side. The majority of people are extremely rich. One of my friend's suitemates has a billionaire father who threw him a party and invited Mischa Barton to it. In addition, there are a few restrictions since the school is Christian. For instance, I think you can be expelled if you've get caught at looking at porn. I've also heard it mentioned on another thread in the old forum that life there is more similar to high school because of the restrictions. But as for my friend, he's really enjoying his time there. </p>

<p>And by the way, not everyone who goes there is rich. Another girl from my high school is attending as well. (But she's going to graduate from there on $100,000 of debt.)</p>

<p>Another friend of mine went to Chapman also. If I had to do my senior year all over again, I would have definitely applied to this school. First of all, it's in Orange County, which was named one of the least stressful places to live. A lot of colleges (at least the ones I've looked at) are in shabby places. But Chapman's location is really great (well all of Orange County is pretty much) -- 10 minutes from the beach, lots of green around the campus. </p>

<p>The school population is small, but not too small, this school meets 100% financial need, and I believe there are no community bathrooms. According to my friend it's 2-3 rooms to a private bathroom. As for academics, it's got a good reputation (at least here in the west) -- especially its film program.</p>

<p>My friend is one of those extremely intellectual people, so she was kind of disappointed that the majority of people weren't intellects but typical college California teenagers that she had described as very social and preppy. But I think that was just her first impression after being there for about a week. As far as I know, she's enjoying her time there and not homesick at all.</p>

<p>Hope this helps some.</p>

<p>that helps a lot, thank you! relative to the friends of urs who got in, do you see pepp and chapman and difficult or easy schools to get into?</p>

<p>I don't know about the other schools, but Pepperdine to me as random admissions choices. :) I, for one, in 2003, got accepted at schools like Berkeley and USC, but was not accepted at Pepperdine. I know a few people who did not try one whit in high school and did nothing but party, and got in. So, who knows?</p>

<p>If you're a relatively good student you'll definitely get into Chapman. I don't think it's all that selective at all. I agree with uschicka about Pepperdine's admissions being somewhat random. I remember reading somewhere in the old forum of speculation that Christians have a better tendency to get in over other religions such as Roman Catholics.</p>

<p>thanks ya'll. and uschicka, do you go to USC now? if you do, I'm considering applying. i dont think my chances are that great, do you have any advice??</p>

<p>Yep, I'm a sophomore at USC this year. I'd definitely say go for it, if only because it's an amazing place. I don't know what your stats are, but I do know that it's becoming more and more selective. My SAT was below average (I had a 1290) and my gpa was just a little above average (I had a 4.1). I think my SAT would really have brought my chances down, but luckily I had good, well-rounded ECs. If you have those, I'd say even if your stats are below avg., then you definitely still have a shot. If you don't, I say, heck, why not just apply anyways? :)</p>