Percentage of OOS applicants

<p>So I've heard UF caps OOS anywhere from 1.5-3%. But does anyone know the percentage of OOS applicants vs instate?</p>

<p>UF does not publish the number or make it available on their Common Data Sheet display. For 2012 the total number of applicants are about 33,000 with projected admissions of 11,000 covering Fall, Summer B and Spring. Given that fact and that UF has a hard cap on OOS admissions of 3% (but last year admitted 1.6%) the actual number of OOS applicants can only be estimated. Using sites like College Confidential, College Data 411 and My College Chances and using self-posted info is dicey. But if you take those numbers and extrapolate it would appear that last year OOS applicants were roughly about 8% of the total applicant pool of 29,234 or about 2,340.</p>

<p>Im OSS and guessing I'm going to get denied HAHA, I have other options though so its all good. </p>

<p>ACT 31</p>

<p>GPA 90 Unwieghted </p>

<p>We shall see</p>