<p>So I got an 800 on both Math 2 and Physics for the June SAT 2s, but when I click on "Understand Your Test Performance," it tells me that "the national percentile for my score" is 89 in math and 90 in physics.</p>

<p>Does anyone know if this really means I just barely got an 800 in both of them, or are they just telling me the minimum percentiles for my scores?</p>

<p>Those are just the minimum percentiles for your scores. Let's start a Percentile reference table here:</p>

<p>Math II:
800: 89</p>

800: 90</p>

<p>World History:
800: 97</p>

790: 91</p>

730: 76</p>

790: 97</p>

<p>Lit 760 = 96%
Latin 750 = 87%</p>

<p>Heinz: your physics percentile, for example, means that you scored better than 90% of the test takers. This also means that 10% of the physics test takers scored an 800. The percentile is based on your scaled score and says nothing about your raw score.</p>

<p>In US History, 800=98th percentile.</p>

<p>Bio-M: 790; 95th percentile
Math 1: 770; 98th percentile</p>

<p>Math II--800--89th

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