Perfect SAT scores + weak ECs = ? *ideas needed*

<p>My scores:</p>

<p>SAT1 = 2400 (one sitting)
SAT2 Bio = 800
SAT2 Chem = 800
SAT2 Math2 = 800
5's on all 8 AP tests, etc.</p>

<p>I am looking to go to maybe Columbia ED or something at that level. I have good grades (4.1/4.3 uw gpa) but what I lack are solid ec's... While I have a laundry list of activities, I have no substantial leadership positions, tremendous volunteering, or anything that really stands out, etc. I have a lot of science, math ec's and a bunch of clubs I'm involved in, but I feel like they are just what the average asian male has.</p>

<p>Ideas on my chances at a good college?</p>

<p>Im guessing your great scores and great grades are more than enough.</p>

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<p>With your SAT score I think you could get into numerous colleges. And your GPA is pretty solid too. Most students don't have both. I know a few years ago my cousin got rejected from a few of your safe schools just because they believed she was applying to more reach schools and wasn't planning on going there. But Columbia is a tough school to get into and with your scores I think you will get in. You don't NEED leadership positions to get into college. Most students who have leadership don't have solid test scores like yours. So I think you will be fine for most of the Ivies. Leadership positions do not represent your dedication to a club.</p>

<p>Without leadership, major accomplishments (USAMO, other Olympiads, etc), or a major activity (like starting an organization), as an asian male it's very difficult to get into ivies, especially the top ivies, (double blow if from california or other states where asians are well represented). Essays can help, but can't normally pick up weak ECs unless they are truly phenomenal. Maybe you could aim for schools like Duke, JHU, WashU, Northwestern. For asians, a 2400 is basically nullified and you will be competeing with asians who are presidents of several clubs and have high achievement in math/science.</p>

<p>Thanks for the thoughts.</p>

<p>So what colleges should I be looking at/applying to?</p>

<p>seems like you're somehow accepted to ross? try public ivies (uva, w&m, Umich) as well as the other schools I mentioned above. With few ecs, they'll still be reaches, but less so than ivies.</p>

<p>Write really good essays and apply to one or two of your dream schools, too. Don't underestimate what you do have going for you. You may be a NMF also and will be eligible for NM scholarships. Some schools give free rides to National Merit Finalists. (You may not even be that weak on ECs, just leadership.) Don't worry! I think Lakersince95 is right on.</p>

<p>Asian male from NJ with high stat but no national recognition</p>


<p>Apply to many (top) colleges.</p>