Performing art email

Oh , this kid is ed1 to one school. No Rd.

Then they wouldn’t receive an email about RD. So probably no emails at all.

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Thank you so much…. no emails today performing or otherwise is ok. Kiddo has been so upset. First because of the link and somebody indicated they could get in and then these email.

I spoke to kiddo again and definitely received the performing art email with ed1 date to submit by nov 19. The email was the retracted. Kiddo has not applied RD. Only emory ed1. So should we assume deferred.

There were two of those emails. The one with the Nov 19th date and then one sent after that date also saying it was due Nov 19th. It was sent in error. Did your child get it twice? Once last week (retracted) and one last month (which wasn’t)?

We only got last week retracted.

The retracted ones came Thursday morning and in the evening came the apology. The original ones came about one week before 11/19.

the one on 9th December

got 2 emails original and retracted

No the one sent Dec 9 is the one that was retracted and sent in error.

Do not put any meaning to it. It seems to have taken a really long time. Is your child into the performing arts? I am surprised the original one didn’t come.

Yes and with expired date

Yes she is

It is a hard school to get in with very talented applicants.

Hard to get in school

But it doesn’t mean that. It means that it was sent in error.

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Then why they will ask to submit the portfolio on 9th December

Because the email wasn’t supposed to have been sent. The emails were mistakes.

If they were trying to tell you it was a differed admission then no reason to retract. You would have more time to send the stuff for RD. It is possible the first ones came too but went to junk and were never seen. Those with the November deadline were the ED1 letters. This set
Of emails went with ED2 and RD.

Now if your child does get deferred it means send more stuff so then go ahead and send in the audition stuff to see if it helps.

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