perhaps a stupid question

<p>so I am a very math-y and science-y person. At the end of the school year my math teacher had these really cool things up on the board for her AP Calc BC class. She later told me they are called fractals. she started to explain them to me and then stopped and told me I would have to learn calc to understand them. I am very fascinated by them and I have started to teach myself calculus. I just finished advanced algebra 2 at my schoo, a combination of algebra2, probabliy, pre calc and trig. So far I have found the calculus to be easy, even easier than trig/precac etc. Does i get like super harder, am I setting myself up failure OR is this doable? If so, any advice? And if neither of the above, I guess I am just weird...:P</p>

<p>Polar curves, that's pretty much the only thing that is difficult on the exam</p>

<p>^ i found series pretty annoying too...</p>

<p>The end of the BC curriculum (series, parametric, and polar) is probably the hardest part. Solids with/without revolution are a close second. </p>

<p>Where are you so far, though? If you've gotten through concepts like differentiation and its applications, and maybe into some integration without trouble, you'll be fine when you reach the hard stuff.</p>

<p>id say polar and parametric were very easy...
series and solids of revolution were difficult though.
its all a matter of opinion</p>