Periclean Honors Forum -- and non-"honors"

We visited Skidmore for a tour and info session last month. We saw a mention of the Periclean Honors Forum in a residence hall and asked our tour guide about it, but his only comments were “it’s a class you can take,” and “hardly anyone does it.” Having now reviewed Skidmore’s website discussing the Forum, and seeing that it seems to work just like an honors program at a public university would, we have a few questions –

  1. I see that Honors classes are open to all students, but the full Periclean Honors Forum diploma seems to require significantly more of an investment. Any info about the % of students who (1) are invited to apply, (2) are accepted, and (3) complete the program?
  2. I am sure that Skidmore wrestles with the question I am about to ask, but ... what does the existence of a separate program that "introduces extraordinary rigor into academic programs as students consider complex questions and examine sophisticated materials ... [and] develop what we refer to as 'the life of the mind' by working alongside their faculty" mean about the non-honors curriculum and student body at Skidmore?

We’ve heard from one parent of a current student that the prevailing ethos at Skidmore is to get one’s work done but not to stretch. Not knocking that, necessarily – too many schools are struggling with reducing anxiety among perpetually-striving students – but … wondering. Insights, in the context of Periclean Honors Forum or otherwise?


Edit to my question: I now see that admission to the program is limited to 10% of each class. I’d still love to know how many kids typically apply, and how many typically complete it – in addition to the other, broader, questions I mentioned. Thank you!

Hi. I would think your best option for accurate responses to your questions will be to call Skidmore and ask.

Thanks, LuvsLabs, but I am not sure whom I would call at Skidmore for an accurate answer to whether the existence of an Honors Program dedicated to “rigor” and close work with faculty corroborates the subjective view that the prevailing ethos there is not to stretch!

You are correct that I could call to ask how many students apply to the program and how many complete it. The gist of my question was broader, though.